Little Tales for Tots


a program of Hope Laugh Play



Hope Laugh Play's new literacy program, Little Tales for Tots (LTT), is geared towards younger patients and campers.

Our interactive story time engages pre-readers and emergent readers in books through the use of props, sound, and movement. There is also a corresponding activity or craft that brings the themes and characters from the story into the child's physical world, which aids with reading comprehension.


Children and adult caregivers will naturally discuss the story while
working on the book- related crafts or projects.


Hope Laugh Play is proud to have partnerships with two of the most respected names in the publishing and retail booksellers in the industry. Thanks for generous gifts from Barnes & Nobel and Scholastic publishers, Little Tales for Tots is often able to present children with books of their own take home with them.


For more information, please contact;
Wil Ennis
Literacy Programs
[email protected]